Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sleeping Baby

This is what I found after I left my little man in his cot for 10 minutes to finish cooking lunch. He is now 9 months and EXTREMELY mobile. So much so he has fallen off the sofa twice (I thought it was just once but hubs said it was twice) and off our bed once; both resulting in nosebleeds. He is a totally wriggly and busy little man. So now if he doesn't nap downstairs in his buggy off he goes into his cot. He was sound asleep in his buggy but the postman rang the bell and banged the door so that woke him. As he was woken up after only half an hour he woke up cranky. I had to finish off cooking lunch as Sophia's home on Tuesdays so off upstairs into his cot he went. Poor little bubs bawled his eyes out until he fell asleep holding on to his cot rails.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Little Man In The House

After what felt like being pregnant for an eternity, our family has again been blessed by another little one. I safely delivered our little man, Khaliq George Mahmood, on 26th May 2011 @ 11:24pm after what has officially been recorded as a 54 minute labour! He came out so fast I almost had him all by myself.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Bunged Up With A Beanie In My Oven

This terribly cold weather is seriously no fun. Especially as it would seem that we're only getting the severe cold and not much snow to make up for the suffering. If we had some decent snowfall in our area then it would more than make up for the cold. And of course buckets of snow means schools tend to also remain shut. No snow means school is open as usual so the school run is simply no fun. Walking in below zero temperatures in intermittent snow showers whilst trying to avoid black ice on the pavement is horrible I tell ya! And it's the school run in the freezing cold that has brought on my cold, fever and hacking cough hence being totally bunged up and feeling bleurgh.

I've doused myself with Olbas oil for some sort of relief......sometimes it works.....sometimes it doesn't. Drank endless mugs of hot lemon and honey. Still bunged up. Oh how I wish I could take some powerful decongestant but with a beanie in my oven my options are limited. Thank god my mum is around to help with the girls. I need rest and lots of it. And I need this cold snap to snap out of it!

Here's a sneaky peak of our latest beanie.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sophia's Birthday Cake

This year I made a conscious decision to make all my children's birthday cakes. Shop bought cakes are nice enough and professional looking but they do cost a bomb. Growing up my mum used to get her friend (an amateur baker) to make my birthday cakes and I had really cool cakes. Imagine how cool I was to have a barbie doll cake in the 70s complete with a real barbie in it? So I figured if that was possible in the 70s in Malaysia how difficult is it now when everything I need to make a great cake is available so easily. 

I made a number 3 cake for Aiesha and Sophia wanted a ladybird cake for her 2nd birthday. The actual recipe called for a pudding bowl shaped cake but with the relatives I invited to Sophia's little party (with the unpredictable October weather we had to keep her party small just in case we have to contain everyone in the house unlike Aiesha who has a summer birthday so we have always been blessed with good weather), a small pudding bowl cake definitely wouldn't be enough. I baked two cakes and attempted to shape the top as much as I could but I was too freaked out to trim it too much so the cake didn't look as rounded at the top as it should. But I think it turned out ok for a novice like me. Everything except for the candles are edible.

I don't have a happy photo of Sophia with the cake as she was bawling her eyes out when it was time to cut the cake. She later explained that she cried because her friends were trying to blow her candles and get her cake. My poor baby.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Adik!

Today, my little Sophia is finally 2. She's such a joy and we can't remember a time without her in our lives. She loves to sing and knows quite a fair few nursery rhymes. For her age, she speaks very well and has an impressive vocabulary. She's still my little booboob girl and I love her to bits. Happy Birthday adik!

Hours old

A year old in KL

She asked for chocolate cupcakes with 2 candles.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

First Day At School

So, I've not had any entries for awhile......too busy and not particularly inspired I suppose. Apologies to those who've been kind enough to take a peek and a belated Eid Mubarak to all.

At their Aunty Fifi's

With their cousins Aidan and Ferran

Last Friday was Aiesha's first official day at school. I think I was more stressed and nervous than she was. My tummy were in knots from the night before thinking of how she would cope.....more to the point, how I would cope. Apart from leaving her with my mum, my MIL and of course their Daddy for a few hours, I have never left either of my children in the care of strangers. They go where I go. 

My worry was totally unfounded as she was perfectly fine. Actually she was more than fine and went straight into her classroom without saying goodbye to me or her sister. I had to ask her to come back out and say goodbye to us properly. She's even made a new friend which was great. They met a week before when we had a short visit to the school. All week long she went on and on about her new friend Olivia who is also 3 years old just like her. Yup, they were both amazed that they were the same age. Bless their little cotton socks! When we arrived at school Olivia was already there and also excited to see Aiesha. They started playing together immediately and poor little Sophia seemed a bit shocked that her Kakak was playing with someone else. Sophia was again very, very miffed when not only did Kakak have a new friend, the new friend went into class with her Kakak and she wasn't allowed to stay. Poor adik bawled her eyes out all the way home.

Excited about going to school

Finally at school

Skip, skip, skip

Look mummy, I can open the gate.

I'm oh so sad I have to go home with mummy.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Styrofoam Fun

I have some styrofoam to use for my gardening which is kept in the greenhouse and away from my girls. I took a piece out to use as I needed to re-pot my herbs. Whilst I was busy tending my pots and had my eyes off my girls, this is what I found when looked up. Little girls tearing the styrofoam to pieces!

After all the fun, I gave them both a bag each and asked them to collect all the bits. Although we didn't get all the pieces, we managed to get a substantial amount into the bags. If I left them in the garden it could possibly fly into my neighbours garden and I doubt they'll appreciate it. They're tricky little things and we've still got traces of styrofoam in the garden. I wonder how long it'll will take before they're all gone.