Friday, 28 May 2010

Sick Bunnies

I have two sick little girls in the house. Poor bunnies. Sophia started off having a snotty nose over the weekend and woke up around 5am on Tuesday with a temperature. Yesterday, Aiesha developed a temperature and is very poorly indeed. Poor darling slept most of yesterday, had hardly anything to eat and to top it all off she threw up in the evening. Thankfully Daddy was home yesterday to help out as both girls are quite clingy at the moment and need lots of extra cuddles.

Sophia still has a temperature but is still pottering around the house playing with her toys. Aiesha on the other hand is very weak. She managed a bit of cereal for breakfast but nothing else. She did ask for an apple but did not even take a bit out of it. My poor little bunny. Times like this reminds me that she's only 2 (well 3 very soon). Still so wee. Really hate it when my girls are unwell.

Get well soon my little darlings. Mummy loves you so.