Thursday, 24 June 2010

Going Potty

After months of trying to get Aiesha off nappies with not much long term success it looks like it has finally happened. She's been wearing knickers (daytime only) for 6 days and has not had a single accident. Yay! Next step......ditching the binky.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Every Tuesday we attend Doodletots at our local Scouts Hall.  Every sessions starts of with a story time, singing and an explanation of what we can do for the session. The usual set up would be 4 different activity stations and an easel in the centre of the room for the children to do some free painting. The 4 activity stations usually consist of a colouring table, sticking/cutting table, painting table and messy play area all based on the chosen theme for that particular half term. 

We've been going since Aiesha was 18 months and Sophia only 3 months. For the first month or so Sophia would normally sleep through the sessions but as she got more alert I would either let her play in the travel cot provided by Doodletots  or wear her. I must admit those early days at Doodletots were hard going as I was the only one trying to juggle a toddler and a baby. The sessions are run by a group of mums but you must supervise your own child or in my case children. Now that my girls are older it is much easier but still a bit crazy as they rarely want to do the same activity at the same time. So mummy runs around the hall like a maniac so that both girls are happy. Thankfully Aiesha is often quite happy to do her chosen activity without my assistance unless it involves cutting and sticking.

At the end of the session there is 'tidy up time' where they provide little dustpans, brushes, spray bottles and rags for the children so that they know the session has ended and for extra play. The actual tidying up are done by the adults. Aiesha really gets into the tidy up time and loves using the spray bottle and rag to clean up the paint spills around the easel. Sophia is still figuring out the spray bottle and often gets frustrated when it doesn't work. I'm confident she'll figure it out soon enough.

The summer holidays are coming up soon and so will our sessions at Doodletots until school re-opens in September. Come September, Tuesdays will be our crazy day as Aiesha will start school. 12 noon to 3pm from Monday to Friday. We can't stop going because it wouldn't be fair on Sophia. We will have to rush home after the session, have a quick lunch and off to school straight after. May even have to have lunch on the run. I'm sure we'll get used to crazy Tuesdays.

We love Doodletots!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Seeking Puddles

It was a wet day yesterday with intermittent rain all day long. My girls love water so yesterday was puddle seeking day. I love their Togz suit. It keeps my girls totally dry although Sophia refused to wear hers as she wanted to wear the Fifi raincoat. Oh well they want what they want.

Aiesha showing her Adik how it's done.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Late Nights, Little Lady, Rice and Fish.

Aiesha's sleep has been totally out of schedule this half term. I suppose being ill has a lot to do with it although she is rather well now. A busy day was had yesterday and she passed out on the sofa before I could give her dinner and bath. This of course lead to her being wide awake at midnight and hungry!

I'd made spaghetti bolognese but she didn't want that. My first born wanted rice...rice and fish to be specific. Tekak melayu betul anak ku ni. :) So mummy being mummy and wanting her to eat, cooked the rice and fish. She has been quite ill recently and didn't eat much at all so as long as she eats I'm happy to cook. Even if it means cooking late at night. Thank god for rice cookers, freezers and microwaves.