Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jet Lag.

We're back in Malaysia! Yay! But my girls are still quite jet lagged especially Sophia. Poor thing is still on UK time so her sleep is a bit all over the place at the moment. Aiesha never had jet lag this bad.

Was anticipating cramped sleeping conditions when we got here as the last time Sophia slept in her cot was last December (a bout of throwing up between the girls for a week got them into our beds permanently) but miraculously she has slept in her KL cot with not much fuss. As for Aiesha, she sleeps with her Ne. Although Ne would love to have them both with her but Sophia has been a bit clingy since we got here. I suppose she's still adjusting to everything here. Back in the UK it's only the 4 of us at home but at my mum's there are 11 so must be a bit too much for Sophia. She now does this cutest little pout if she's annoyed or uncomfortable with anything. She'll get used to the family soon enough I suppose. But I really hope her internal clock adjusts soon. Poor thing gets so cranky and doesn't get why mummy is waking her up rather than allowing her to sleep.

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