Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sleeping Baby

This is what I found after I left my little man in his cot for 10 minutes to finish cooking lunch. He is now 9 months and EXTREMELY mobile. So much so he has fallen off the sofa twice (I thought it was just once but hubs said it was twice) and off our bed once; both resulting in nosebleeds. He is a totally wriggly and busy little man. So now if he doesn't nap downstairs in his buggy off he goes into his cot. He was sound asleep in his buggy but the postman rang the bell and banged the door so that woke him. As he was woken up after only half an hour he woke up cranky. I had to finish off cooking lunch as Sophia's home on Tuesdays so off upstairs into his cot he went. Poor little bubs bawled his eyes out until he fell asleep holding on to his cot rails.

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