Friday, 4 June 2010

Late Nights, Little Lady, Rice and Fish.

Aiesha's sleep has been totally out of schedule this half term. I suppose being ill has a lot to do with it although she is rather well now. A busy day was had yesterday and she passed out on the sofa before I could give her dinner and bath. This of course lead to her being wide awake at midnight and hungry!

I'd made spaghetti bolognese but she didn't want that. My first born wanted rice...rice and fish to be specific. Tekak melayu betul anak ku ni. :) So mummy being mummy and wanting her to eat, cooked the rice and fish. She has been quite ill recently and didn't eat much at all so as long as she eats I'm happy to cook. Even if it means cooking late at night. Thank god for rice cookers, freezers and microwaves.

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