Thursday, 24 June 2010

Going Potty

After months of trying to get Aiesha off nappies with not much long term success it looks like it has finally happened. She's been wearing knickers (daytime only) for 6 days and has not had a single accident. Yay! Next step......ditching the binky.


Mommy AdaMia said...

yay congrats!you must be overjoyed!

i started potty training adam today and it was crazy! my goodness what a long day today it seemed..

so..there's light at the end of the tunnel? phew

Melina said...

We still have our potty battles though. We want her to go and she refuses. Boleh tahan for hours I tell ya! Dettol wipes is now a must have as don't know when and where she needs to go. You should get a potette for the park. However, we just use potette liners in a regular potty as we seem to drive everywhere so do not need a compact potty for our outings.

mampir said...

potette? haha nvr heard of it. yes my girl too just bginning to be diaper free, padahal she pandai sangat cakap tapi tak mau say when she needs to go. my 1st 3 children were diaper free at 2yrs plus.