Monday, 23 August 2010

Styrofoam Fun

I have some styrofoam to use for my gardening which is kept in the greenhouse and away from my girls. I took a piece out to use as I needed to re-pot my herbs. Whilst I was busy tending my pots and had my eyes off my girls, this is what I found when looked up. Little girls tearing the styrofoam to pieces!

After all the fun, I gave them both a bag each and asked them to collect all the bits. Although we didn't get all the pieces, we managed to get a substantial amount into the bags. If I left them in the garden it could possibly fly into my neighbours garden and I doubt they'll appreciate it. They're tricky little things and we've still got traces of styrofoam in the garden. I wonder how long it'll will take before they're all gone. 

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