Sunday, 19 September 2010

First Day At School

So, I've not had any entries for awhile......too busy and not particularly inspired I suppose. Apologies to those who've been kind enough to take a peek and a belated Eid Mubarak to all.

At their Aunty Fifi's

With their cousins Aidan and Ferran

Last Friday was Aiesha's first official day at school. I think I was more stressed and nervous than she was. My tummy were in knots from the night before thinking of how she would cope.....more to the point, how I would cope. Apart from leaving her with my mum, my MIL and of course their Daddy for a few hours, I have never left either of my children in the care of strangers. They go where I go. 

My worry was totally unfounded as she was perfectly fine. Actually she was more than fine and went straight into her classroom without saying goodbye to me or her sister. I had to ask her to come back out and say goodbye to us properly. She's even made a new friend which was great. They met a week before when we had a short visit to the school. All week long she went on and on about her new friend Olivia who is also 3 years old just like her. Yup, they were both amazed that they were the same age. Bless their little cotton socks! When we arrived at school Olivia was already there and also excited to see Aiesha. They started playing together immediately and poor little Sophia seemed a bit shocked that her Kakak was playing with someone else. Sophia was again very, very miffed when not only did Kakak have a new friend, the new friend went into class with her Kakak and she wasn't allowed to stay. Poor adik bawled her eyes out all the way home.

Excited about going to school

Finally at school

Skip, skip, skip

Look mummy, I can open the gate.

I'm oh so sad I have to go home with mummy.


aida said...

oh they look simply of luck with yr daughter in school.every year i still get teary eyed esp on the first day of school despite my daughter,mia is already in year 4!

Melina said...

Thanks Aida. Aiesha and her classmates look so cute in the school uniform as they're only 3 or 4. Still babies really.