Saturday, 3 July 2010

Aiesha is 3!

My Aiesha is now 3 years old!!! Where did the years go?? Happy Birthday Sayang! Mummy is oh so proud of you and loves you more than life itself.

Minutes old.

A year old.

2 years old.

3 today!!!


Mommy AdaMia said...

eh gamba aiesha kecik looks like sophia now...

olololo comel la anak2 you..

you punya next anak i nak adopt boleh?

Melina said...

People keep telling me that they look very much alike but I honestly can't see it. Pelik tak?

mampir said...

my daughter is 3 too. the cake looks good! :)

Melina said...

mampir : Thanks! My first attempt at making and decorating a birthday cake.

KittyCat said...

She's getting prettier by the day, isn't she?

Bravo on baking the birthday cake! I've been wanting to do that for my boy but never have the chance. Hopefully I can do it soon before he falls into "big boy" mode and only wants store-bought stuff!!!