Friday, 23 July 2010

Burung Kakak Tua?

One of my bedtime rituals with my girls is to have them 'Baca Bismillah'. They know when mummy says 'Baca Bismillah' means to recite surah Al-Ikhlas. Depending on how tired they are they will happily recite it without much fuss and of course lots of praise from mummy helps. They know it rather well and very the sejuk perut when I hear them recite the surah as they don't really get a lot of Islamic exposure living in a non-muslim country. They are still little but I try my best to teach them the basics. I'm not an expert and I can just about teach them the basics and I'll worry about the heavier, technical stuff when they are older. (read : private lessons during our trips back to Malaysia)

Anyway, seeing that they are rather good at Al-Ikhlas I thought it was time to progress to Al-fatihah. It's a bit longer so we haven't mastered it yet but Aiesha knows about 50% of it now and again very the sejuk perut. She's keen to recite it all but gets a bit frustrated when she falters halfway through. But I'm sure she'll get it all soon enough as we didn't master the Al-ikhlas overnight. 

Sophia is not yet 2 so when recites the Al-Ikhlas I can make out what she is saying but not others. You would have to concentrate very hard to make out what she's saying but she does know it. She mimics everything Aiesha does so now she too is listening very intently to Al-Fatihah when I recite it. By my estimation she gets about 25% of it which is again a sejuk perut moment for me.

After Al-Ikhlas and Al-Fatihah it is time to sleep but not before Sophia does her rendition of Burung Kakak Tua. My little darling has somehow got it in her head that Burung Kakak Tua is also a surah that needs to be learnt for bedtime. I guess she hasn't yet realised that the surahs are in Arabic and Burung Kakak Tua is in Malay. She must lump them all together as not English so by her logic must all be the same.

Children truly are little sponges and given proper guidance they can learn anything. Case in point, my girls speak better Malay than their father who is now learning from them.


Mommy AdaMia said...

alamak sejuknya perut...reminds me i should be teaching adam some surah too..tq...

pandainye your sophia ckp, she's not even 2 yet.

Melina said...

Memang sejuk perut and I'm so happy to report that Aiesha can now recite Al-fatihah rather well. Brought tears to my eyes the first time she managed it without much help from me.

Sophia is very keen to keep up with Aiesha tu yang pandai cakap. She still has moments where she struggles with what she's trying to get across but the other day she told me 'Mummy, you wait here and I'll go get it. Then I'll come back ok?' Tergamam sekejap I as she said it very cleary.

Nita said...

Alhamdulillah. You have such beautiful daughters, mel.xoxo