Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Off To School

This September, Aiesha, will be attending Nursery at the local school which is about 5 minutes away....maybe 10 minutes if we take our time. There are only 3 schools where we live and we picked the nearest one. It's a good school with a good Ofsted report.

Well today was the new parents meeting at her school where we met the headteacher and various other people. Not sure who they were as there wasn't a microphone and they didn't really speak up plus they waffled on about god knows what at which point I zoned them out. :) The headteacher was nice enough and went through what the children will go through at school....curriculum and the skills they expect the parents to teach the children before they start school eg. dressing/undressing themselves (for PE I suppose), recognising their name and going to the loo. We didn't get to meet her actual class teacher as she was ill but from what the other mums who have older kids at the school are saying, she doesn't sound all that bad. Let's hope it's true.

The meeting was also an opportunity to have a look at the uniform. I actually ordered the bits of uniform I thought we needed from the school a few weeks ago when we sent in our acceptance form. Initially I only ordered the school sweatshirt and the book bag as that were the only items I thought would have the school logo on. I figured we could then buy the polo shirts externally as it would be cheaper than buying from the school. Turns out even the polo shirts have logos on them so we ended up ordering a couple of them too. She's only 3, will only go for 3 hours a day and we've spent almost £50 on her uniform! It wouldn't be so bad if the uniform pieces would fit Sophia when she starts nursery but I highly doubt it will. Aiesha, will be among the youngest in her class so I got her 3-4 age pieces. Sophia, on the other hand is an October baby so will only start school in September 2012 and be among the oldest in class. So I really doubt she'll be able to fit 3-4 age clothes as she'll be almost 4 by then. She's already into 2-3 year old clothes now and she's not even 2 yet.

Aiesha is very excited about school and I really hope the excitement lasts. She has many, many more years of school to get through.

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